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Sodemann Industrial Springs

At Sodemann Industrial Springs, we have made it easy to find exactly what you need via the online shop. We have one of the largest stocks of standard springs in Europe totalling over 1 million springs. This allows you to can buy whichever spring you require. We deliver to both private individuals and industry. Most of the assortment is specified according to international DIN standards. If you are not able to find the required spring in our assortment, please feel free to contact us.

We Carry Standard Springs

We have a large number of springs in stock. View the various models via the above overview. We stock everything from small springs, i.e. for furniture, to large industry springs. We have a wide range of steel springs in stock, including pressure springs, tensions springs, gas springs and gas dampers. The assortment primarily consists of springs made of stainless spring steel, certified piano wire and electro-galvanized spring steel. Gas springs and gas dampers come in stainless steel or untreated black steel. We also carry a wide range of accessories for gas springs.

Safe Shopping

Shopping with Sodemann Industrial Springs is safe and secure. All your data are encrypted, and we comply with GDPR. For over 11 years in a row, we have had a AAA Credit Score at ® Bisnode. Trading as a business, you have the option of shopping with 2 weeks of credit unless otherwise agreed. It’s also possible to make payments with PayPal or credit card. We don’t store credit card information. To pay with 2 weeks of credit, the company VAT number must be entered at the checkout.

All Shipments Are Sent with Tracking ID

All shipments are sent with a tracking number, making it easy to know how far along your package is in the shipping process. After your purchase, you will receive a separate email with a tracking ID from the selected shipping company. Once the order has been completed, expected time and place of delivery can be viewed by looking up the tracking ID on the website of the selected shipping company. If the delivery address is outside of Denmark, the package will be delivered by UPS.

Gas Spring Configurator

With the help of our gas spring configurator, it is possible to configure gas springs according to specific wishes. Choose from seven different models with over 2,000 combination options. It is also possible to select end-fittings directly in the configurator. You can calculate everything you want. It's free, without obligation and anonymously. Try the configurator here: Gas spring configurator

Technical information

Our large range is divided into many types of springs. Each type is described with the technical information that is relevant to define and describe the individual type. There are many technical values and descriptions that we hope can be useful and easily help you find the right item.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Write to [email protected]

Easy to Understand

We have made it simple for you to find just the right spring for you. Once you’ve found the right type and surface treatment, you can narrow down your search by several parameters. This allows you to find just the right dimensions for your needs. If the desired amount is not in stock, please feel free to contact us.

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