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Mechanical "Gas Spring"

Tech Drawing - Mechanical "Gas Spring"

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What is a Mechanical "Gas Spring"?

A mechanical “gas spring” is similar to a conventional compression gas spring. From the outside, you cannot tell the difference, but inside the gas and gaskets have been replaced by an ordinary wire compression spring.
Thereby, a mechanical “gas spring” can be used in dirty environments, can withstand greater loads, and can tolerate twisting and impact effects in the longitudinal direction to a greater extent. A mechanical “gas spring” must not act as a mechanical stop and the cylinder must be protected against impacts and shocks, as dents in the cylinder will prevent the free movement of the piston inside.

Our range of mechanical “gas springs” come with threads at both ends, which provides great flexibility in terms of ascent. The thread fits our range of end fittings that can also be used on our regular gas springs. The size of the thread depends on the piston rod.

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Ø1 - Piston Rod diameter (mm)
Ø2 - Tube diameter (mm)
L1 - Stroke (mm) (+/- 2 mm)
L2 - Unloaded length between thread (mm) (+/- 3 mm)
F - Force (N)
G - Thread (M)

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Piston Rod diameter (mm)
Tube diameter (mm)
Stroke (mm) (+/- 2 mm)
Unloaded length between thread (mm) (+/- 3 mm)
Force (N)
Thread (M)
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Painted black 6.00 15.00 51.00 156.00 27.00 6.00 LMS1505102 LMS1505102
Painted black 6.00 15.00 102.00 309.00 67.00 6.00 LMS1510205 LMS1510205
Painted black 6.00 15.00 152.00 461.00 67.00 6.00 LMS1515205 LMS1515205
Painted black 6.00 15.00 203.00 613.00 80.00 6.00 LMS1520306 LMS1520306
Painted black 6.00 15.00 254.00 766.00 93.00 6.00 LMS1525407 LMS1525407
Painted black 6.00 15.00 305.00 918.00 93.00 6.00 LMS1530507 LMS1530507
Painted black 8.00 18.00 51.00 166.00 40.00 6.00 LMS1805103 LMS1805103
Painted black 8.00 18.00 102.00 319.00 93.00 6.00 LMS1810207 LMS1810207
Painted black 8.00 18.00 152.00 471.00 120.00 6.00 LMS1815209 LMS1815209
Painted black 8.00 18.00 203.00 623.00 120.00 6.00 LMS1820309 LMS1820309

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Piston Rod: Steel, which is nitride-treated - resistant to corrosion.

Cylinder: Steel, painted black
Wire spring: Spring steel, Chrome Silicon Alloy

Working temperature between -40 ºC and +200 ºC


Max force (Fn): +/- 15 %

Stroke (L1): +/- 3 mm

Total length between thread (L2): +/- 6 mm

Datasheet and 3D CAD

If you want a PDF datasheet or a 3D CAD drawing of the spring in .step, .iges or .sat format, these can be downloaded for free by clicking on the 3D CAD symbol next to the item number in the table.


The wire spring gives Mechanical "Gas Springs" a regular linear force curve - in contrast to the flatter force curve of conventional gas springs.

As Mechanical "Gas Springs" has no oil in the cylinder, it is not dampened in the last portion of its full extension.

M-strut in function

Fitting And Use

Mechanical "Gas Springs" is used instead of gas springs in structures subject to impacts and vibrations. Mechanical "Gas Springs" may be used to great advantage in dirty and dusty environments, where a gas spring would suffer leakage due to its surroundings.

Mechanical "Gas Springs" is a good choice in structures where its function is used only rarely - such as emergency exits. Mechanical "Gas Springs" can cope with being subjected to loads over a prolonged period without being moved.

Mechanical "Gas Springs" must not be used as a stop, but should be incorporated so that it is controlled and limited by the movement of the structure.

Our large range of End Fittings can also be used on Mechanical "Gas Springs" - and provide great flexibility in installation.

Service life of springs

The service life of a spring is generally very difficult to define. A large number of parameters come into play, and it is therefore impossible to define a service life.

Parameters with a significant influence on service life include: Installation, installation method, number of movements, vibrations, shocks, torsion, length of travel, non-axial travel, temperature, wear against other surfaces, environment of use, any cleaning agents, lateral impacts, etc.

Applying the maximum load to the spring or exceeding it will shorten its service life and may cause it to become permanently distorted.

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