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Generel Information

SODEMANN INDUSTRIFJEDRE A/S supplies items for all manner of businesses and sectors. Naturally, a responsible and correctly run business will often have customers who request information concerning these areas. Sodemann Industrifjedre A/S has therefore produced this brief introduction to quality and environmental work at the company. Should further information be required, we are always at your service.

Price agreements / contracts etc.

SODEMANN INDUSTRIFJEDRE A/S does not enter into settled contracts or agreements with customers concerning legal conditions that govern our prices, framework agreements, service or quality assurance, etc. There are many points in these types of agreements that are clearly acceptable and common sense, but there are also points that can be unreasonable, impossible or difficult to observe in advance. If an agreement is not 100% clear to both parties, there is no basis for concluding an agreement. Our trade with customers is in principle very simple. Customers only order and purchase the precise number of special springs or standard springs they need. In the case of special springs, these are manufactured in accordance with the customer’s information and wishes and following acceptance of the quote they received. In the case of standard springs, these are manufactured and delivered based on the parameters for each individual type. Prices and quantity discounts for standard springs can be found on our online shop. If the customer has very specific requirements for a spring, and therefore is unsure as to whether the standard spring can meet these requirements, all the important information should be passed to us when ordering so that we can make sure that the delivered product meets the customer’s requirements and wishes.


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