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Technical drawing - Support washers

Support and shim washers are flat discs that are used where axial clearance needs to be compensated for. This could be on a mandrel where there is a safety ring/bearing, in between which there is a clearance that needs to be compensated for. By combining the different thicknesses of the washers, you can compensate for the clearance precisely. Support washers are the thickest for compensating for larger clearances, and shim washers come in thin thicknesses with differences in thickness of as low as 0.1mm, and tolerances of 0.03 to 0.05mm.

The stock number of a shim washer consists of one letter and five digits (S7****)

The stock number of a support washer consists of one letter and five digits (S9****)

Support washers over 1.5 mm thickness are ground on the surfaces.

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Stål 3,00 6,00 0,20 -0,04 S75020 S75020
Stål 3,00 6,00 0,30 -0,05 S75040 S75040
Stål 3,00 6,00 1,00 -0,05 S75060 S75060
Spring steel 3,00 6,00 1,00 -0,05 S90000 S90000
Stål 4,00 8,00 1,00 -0,05 S75130 S75130
Spring steel 4,00 8,00 1,00 -0,05 S90010 S90010
Stål 5,00 10,00 0,50 -0,05 S75190 S75190
Stål 5,00 10,00 1,00 -0,05 S75200 S75200
Spring steel 5,00 10,00 1,00 -0,05 S90020 S90020
Stål 6,00 12,00 1,00 -0,05 S75270 S75270

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Support washers: Spring steel DIN 17222 - WERKSTOFF NO. 1.0605
Hardness 440 til 500 HV 10

Shim rings Din 988: Steel 2 K 50 DIN 1624
Hardness 170 to 225 Hv 10

What is what?

Shim rings: Stock numbers starting with S7 (e.g. S75100)
Support washers: Stock numbers starting with S9 (e.g. S90100)


Support washers and shim rings are flat washers used in combination when axial clearance must be offset. This could be on a shaft where there is a locking ring/bearing, between which clearance must be offset. By combining washers of different thinckness, you can preciesly offset the clearance.

Support washers of over 1,5 mm thickness have ground surface.


Phosphatised and oiled.

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