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Extension springs

Examples on eyes:
1. German eye
German eye
2. English eye
English eye
3. Hook
4. No eye
No eye

What is an extension spring?

An extension spring is a cylindrical coil spring that stores energy, which is used for pulling force. READ MORE...

How do you design an extension spring?

General considerations regarding the design and calculation for an extension spring. READ MORE...

Loop types, Extension Springs

Here you can find the most common loop types used in extension springs. READ MORE...

What tolerances does an extension spring have?

The different series follow different DIN standards.

How far can my extension spring travel?

You should preferably keep travel under 60% of Ln. READ MORE...

How do you calculate the spring constant of an extension spring?

The spring constant is always designated as N/mm (Newton per millimetre) 1N = approx. 0.1kg. READ MORE...

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