NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Download pdfIt is understandable for a customer to want a supplier to sign an NDA document if the customer’s product/product development is secret. However, on principle, we will not sign confidentiality agreements, secrecy agreements, etc., as the component we are associated with normally is only part of a complete product. We neither want nor do we need to know every detail about the product, just accurate information about the part the spring relates to so that we can deal with the assignment. If an NDA document is drawn up and signed, it must be legally sound for both parties in order to make sense. We must spend time and resources to review and understand documents of this kind in their entirety before we can sign them. We have always been able to manage fine without these legal documents. We often deal with various designs and inventions for which information must remain within the company – we have no problem maintaining a high ethical and genuine standard throughout the process – this does not require NDAs or any other documents.

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