Code of Conduct

Download pdfCode of Conduct (COC) is a company’s guidelines for accountability and good practice for employees and organisation, as well as what requirements you make internally and externally for the social, ethical and environmental conditions of the work.

Internal matters:
Sodemann Industrifjedre A/S aims to create a good and healthy working environment. Employees with physical and mental profits are happier employees who make better efforts for the benefit of both employees and company.

We are a relatively informal organisation and we care about each other and address problems. Roughly speaking, racist outbreaks, discrimination in every way, violent behavior and the like will in no way be accepted.

Sodemann Industrifjedre A/S is a company that is driven by sound and empathetic principles. All employees must be honest, trustworthy and dedicated so that our internal cooperation and external cooperation with customers and suppliers is always based on these important values.

Sodemann Industrifjedre A/S always strives to comply with safe and good working conditions for both office and warehouse staff. Sodemann Industrifjedre A/S does not accept child labour, exploitation of labour, forced labour, work against applicable legal requirements and discrimination. Sodemann Industrifjedre A/S respects environmental requirements etc. All day-to-day operations take place in accordance with current rules and with respect for employees.

External relations:
According to our studies and knowledge, Sodemann Industrifjedre A/S does not get goods from productions that do not comply with safe and good working conditions for both administrative and producing staff. Sodemann Industrifjedre A/S does not accept suppliers who use child labour, exploit labour, use forced labour, work against applicable legal requirements, discriminate, do not respect environmental requirements etc. All production takes place according to current rules and in respect of the employees. If these conditions are not observed, Sodemann Industrifjedre A/S will immediately discontinue the cooperation.

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