NCA (No Change Agreement)

Download pdfUnfortunately it is not possible to complete and sign an NCA document (No Change Agreement) correctly/adequately, as the purpose of the NCA document and our company’s product range are not a good match. It is not possible to sign a no change agreement, as this will limit a standard product. We cannot place restrictions on a standard product, as this would make it impossible for us to handle product ranges properly in the future if there were restrictions on our standard set-up. We can, however, create the item as a special item, which thus ensures that no changes will be made, because changes to special items will only be made at the customer’s request. We do not produce anything ourselves. We are a retailer. We purchase products in large numbers. We then sell and deliver them according to customers’ precise wishes. We sell standard springs that do not require ISO certification or other stricter requirements.

If there are special requirements for an item, such as material, tolerances etc., we need to create a special spring.

Please write to us so we can find a satisfactory solution involving a special spring.

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