Straight Wire Produced in Stainless Steel

Technical drawing - straight spring wire

Wide range of straight spring wire made of stainless steel. If you need this kind of wire in standard spring steel / music wire, please contact us.

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We can deliver within 24 hours, if you order before 15:45 from Monday till Thursday and before 14:30 on Fridays, if the item is in stock. Orders placed Saturday and Sunday are being shipped the following Monday.

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SKU Stock Tech Drawing Read More 3D CAD
Stainless steel 302 0.70 1,000.00 RET3000 RET3000
Stainless steel 302 0.75 1,000.00 RET3004 RET3004
Stainless steel 302 0.80 1,000.00 RET3008 RET3008
Stainless steel 302 0.90 1,000.00 RET3012 RET3012
Stainless steel 302 1.00 1,000.00 RET3016 RET3016
Stainless steel 302 1.10 1,000.00 RET3020 RET3020
Stainless steel 302 1.20 1,000.00 RET3024 RET3024
Stainless steel 302 1.25 1,000.00 RET3028 RET3028
Stainless steel 302 1.40 1,000.00 RET3032 RET3032
Stainless steel 302 1.50 1,000.00 RET3036 RET3036

Items 1-10 of 20

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DIN 17224 AISI 302 WERKSTOFF NO. 1.4310
Working temperature between -200 ºC and +250 ºC


Straight spring wire is also available in other lengths. Contact [email protected] for more information.

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