What is a traction gas spring?

A unit that offers a controlled pulling force without the use of external energy.

A traction gas spring produces a controlled pulling force for use in a number of assemblies. A traction gas spring often provides help in raising something, where the item is helped back into place and kept in its end position.

What is the difference between a compression gas spring and a traction gas spring?

The start position of a traction gas spring's piston rod is unloaded in the cylinder. The speed of the piston rod for standard traction gas springs cannot be adjusted and is designated as fast. Traction gas springs from Sodemann are without damping, as the cylinder does not contain oil, but a special grease - for lubrication of the pressure seals.

Gas spring - Traction

The service life of a traction gas spring is around half that of a conventional gas spring that has compression properties.

Ordinarily compression gas springs are just called "gas springs". It is only when we look at traction gas springs that we add a word indicating a particular property.

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