Technical data - Torsion springs, music wire


DIN 17223 C-Tråd WERKSTOFF NO. 1.1200 EN Norm 10270-1
Working temperature -30 ºC to +120 ºC


Stock no. ending on "R" = right-handed version
Stock no. ending on "L" = left-handed version

Tolerances for torque +/- 10%
Tolerances for External diameter (De) +/- 5%


d = Wire in mm
De = External diameter in mm
Di = Internal diameter in mm
A/S = Minimum width on shaft in mm
Dd = Recommended shaft diameter
Ddmin = Recommended min. shaft diameter
Ddmax = Recommended max. shaft diameter
n = Number of coils
Ls = Leg lenght
α = Unloaded angle on leg
α1 = Angle at initial force
α2 = Max. torsion angle
F1 = Force 1 in N
F2 = Force 2 in N
Fn = Max. force in N
M1 = Moment 1 in N mm
M2 = Moment 2 in N mm
Mn = Max. torque in N mm
RH = Torque arm

Vridfjedre piano
Winding direction

Stock no. ending on "R" = right-handed version
Stock no. ending on "L" = left-handed version


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